Lance Howard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Service & Leadership from Dallas Christian College. His studies have included formal and intensive focus in music, religion, psychology and philosophy. Currently, he is a graduate student of I/O Psychology at Adler University.

His personal career has given him position as social worker, music teacher, music director and performer, life and fitness coach, and competitive power and Olympic weightlifter in the state of Alaska.

Lance desires to be a leader in his community by helping others understand the process of discovering and overcoming emotions in life struggles that prevent us from experiencing more love, becoming healthier people with thriving relationships and model businesses with the intelligence to work well with others.

“I want to help others live wholehearted lives. I want to help create environments of curiosity instead of judgment, conversation instead of misunderstanding, productivity instead of low performance and procrastination.” – Lance Howard

Mission: I live to discover and understand goodwill and wisdom, be inspired and motivated in everything I do, so I can give what I have to others.

Motto: Live on Purpose, with Identity- Motivate, Communicate, Lead


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